Transformation Transformed

Proven cost-reduction transformation strategies for 2023


Part of the ongoing educational webinar series for transformation leaders to learn more about the proven, next-gen execution model of Enterprise Orchestration.



This month we will focus on and provide examples of customers who have implemented cost-reduction strategies successfully with an Enterprise Orchestration model.



Enterprises continue to be challenged with driving transformation success.


Organizations around the world are increasingly turning to a model of Enterprise Orchestration to execute their most critical initiatives and are doing so with 3x greater success. Think of it as Transformation Transformed.


Join us Tuesday, December 6, 12:00 pm ET.

(If unable to attend live, please still register, and we'll make sure to send you the webinar recording.)


In each 30-minute webinar in this series, we discuss how Enterprise Orchestration is addressing today's most pressing challenges for transformation leaders.



  • Why Change? The difference between next-gen transformation with Enterprise Orchestration v. traditional tech-enablement 

  • The Analysts' Perspective  How leading analysts Gartner and Constellation Research see enterprise transformation evolving
  • Enterprise Orchestration Stories Examples of successful cost-reduction transformation and the many use cases that can benefit from this new execution model 
  • The Enterprise Orchestration Maturity Model How you can leverage it to better understand your transformation team's capabilities and improve your organizations execution model, as highlighted recently in Forbes.

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