Portfolio Orchestration

Private Equity's 3x superpower

for accelerated value creation



Thursday, February 23
12:00 pm ET


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In this 30-minute session, learn why Portfolio Orchestration is quickly emerging as the new modern operating model to accelerate value creation, shorten holds, and improve overall PortCo transformation.

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  • What is Portfolio Orchestration - create value faster with the modern holistic operating model for PE firms, portfolio companies and funds
  • Why private equity is embracing it - manage with a real-time single source of truth for one portco, or multiple portcos across your portfolio

  • What are the benefits for GPs, LPs, and PortCos - unlock new data-driven insights with transparency to inform timely operational improvements and reporting 
  • How to determine if orchestration is right for your firm - learn how to analyze your current state and what it would take to evolve to this proven new model



Jay Goldman, NYT best-selling author for The Decoded Company, member of the Harvard Business Review Advisory and Forbes Technology Councils, and Co-Founder and CEO of Sensei Labs.


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