Portfolio Orchestration

Proven new operational model for PE firms to successfully navigate 2023 market volatility

Part of the ongoing education webinar series for private equity executives to learn more about accelerating value creation with the proven, next-gen execution model of Enterprise Orchestration.


This month we'll focus on Portfolio Orchestration, the specific PE use of Enterprise Orchestration.


Join us Wednesday, January 25, 12:00 pm ET.

(If unable to attend live, please still register, and we'll make sure to send you the webinar recording.)


In each 30-minute webinar in this series, we discuss how Enterprise Orchestration helps PE Firms accelerate value creation and successfully navigate today's market volatility.



  • What is Portfolio Orchestration? The difference between next-gen Orchestration v traditional tech enablement.
  • Providing Private Equity an Advantage Discussion of the benefits for both investors and portfolio companies from   - - fundraising to exits -- via next-gen operational model that delivers accelerated value creation and increased liquidity.

  • OpCo <> PortCo Examples How PE can optimize management both within and across your businesses by uniquely combining investor and portfolio company(s) people, process, and platforms.
  • The Enterprise Orchestration Maturity Model How you can leverage the Assessment to better understand your transformation team’s capabilities and identify where to improve the execution model across your fund.

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